Hate Dust?

We Clean Ours Up.

What sets Team Renovate craftsmen apart from the scores of other contractractors, vendors, and handymen is more than just our top-quality service. Each team member also displays a high level of respect and ethic while in your home. In fact, it’s our nature to treat your home like we would our own. We try our best to keep our dust to a very minimum, and clean up any mess we make when we’re finished. When you hire Team Renovate, you hire professionals who bring passion and personality with them to work each day.

Edgar Neria, Owner & Founder

My career in construction started in 2000 in a painting company in the state of Washington. In 2001, I moved to San Diego, where I also worked a lot with wood treatment. In 2003, I began working at an electrical company in Poway, learning everything I could about electrical installations. I decided to start my own subcontracting company two years later. It started out as a small business with just a few people, but I quickly learned all the techniques of construction, focusing most on renovation. I always felt that I could serve my clients even better if I had a complete team that could do all the work of subcontractors, but with no hassle. I began putting together the best team I could to do the best renovations we could. That’s how Team Renovate was born. I have a beautiful family — my wife, my son and my daughter. My little girl enjoys going to swimming classes, and I enjoy reading books to her before bed time. Also, when I am not working, I enjoy cheering for my son at his soccer practices and games. My wife and I love living in San Diego, especially the ocean and beach life. We love dancing to Latin rhythms and taking the kids camping. We also enjoy exploring new cuisine and wine in Temecula, and at the vineyards and haciendas in Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California.

Miguel Ochoa, Manager

My experience working in the construction field started in 2005, working for a painting company in Texas. During my time there, I had the opportunity to travel the United States to accomplish different painting projects. After a couple years, I moved to San Diego. I started working for GarageTek, a national company that offers custom, installed garage organization and storage systems. At GarageTek, I learned how to install cabinets and epoxy floors. After a couple years working for GarageTek, I met Edgar, the owner of the Team Renovate, and joined the team. He gave me the opportunity to apply all that I had learned in my past years working in the construction field, as well as teaching me new construction skills and sharing his invaluable knowledge. I consider myself as a responsible, enthusiastic and friendly person. One of my favorite things about my work are the opportunities to create strong relationships with co-workers as well with clients. I consider clients as one of the most important connections in any business. I like to treat them with respect, letting them know that their opinion matters in any decision in their job. I love seeing my clients’ faces at the end of each project, when Mr. Neria does the last walk. I feel gratified when they express how happy and satisfied they are with their project. I have been happily married for two years. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my wife, going fishing, trying different craft beers, or visiting my hometown, Ensenada.

Ramiro Lopez, Tile Installer & Wood Framer

I started in construction when I was really young. The first thing I learned was concrete — everything about it. I worked on all phases of construction. After concrete, I began doing framing for a big tracker company. That was a great experience! I used to frame whole houses… It was tough work, but I learned a lot. My experience allowed me to start working on drywall and painting, and finally I learned how to tile. I really enjoy working with tile, making all kinds of things from medallions of the floors to beautiful niches in shower walls. I’ve always loved to help others. I spend a lot of free time going to meetings, listening to people who need help, motivating them, and helping them get through their challenges. I think it’s a great way to make a difference in this world. I started working with Edgar in 2010. I remember on one job we had a really tight schedule. We were doing texture, so we could do the painting next day. Around 11:00 PM, we turn on the compressor. That’s when the client noticed that we were still working. She opened the door and she said, You guys need to go get some rest, you can finish tomorrow. I looked at Edgar and we laughed. We had to finish that night and we did it.

Carlos Arroyo, Head of Demolition

My name is Carlos, I am in charge of the demolition department. I have been working in this profession for 10 years. I started for a granite company where I learned invaluable things that helped me to grow in my profession. I started at Team Renovate as an assistant demolisher. One my first jobs was demolishing kitchens, specifically the granite from the counters. When I acquired more experience I started doing bigger demolition projects such as houses, apartments and other buildings for new construction. Supervising and conducting a demolition embraces a lot of responsibility. I need to make sure we fully understand exactly the area that needs to be demolished. I also take care of the installations (water, gas and electricity) to ensure they stay untouched to prevent any accident. I am an enthusiastic and responsible person and worker. I enjoyed my work because it gives me the opportunity to be in touch with other people and express my ideas about the projects. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and coaching a children’s teams. I have a four-year son, he is my inspiration every day to continue giving the best of me in my career and life.