THE PROJECT: Rebuild a deck with severe termite damage and relocate all electricals for greater efficiency.
THE RESULTS: A Beautiful new low-maintenance deck, resistant to fading, staining, mold, termites and rot.

With year-round sunshine and great weather conditions, San Diego is the perfect place for a nice deck. Which is exactly the thinking of one of our clients who built his 15 years ago. But since then, the wood became badly damaged by a tough combination of termites and weathering. Wanting to take advantage of his great space, he called Team Renovate to rebuild it with material that would stand up to the elements without time- and cost-consuming maintenance.

The Challenge:
After an inspection of the homeowners deck, we noticed that the wood which he installed 15 years ago was not the best choice in timber for an outside deck. Over the years, it had become badly damaged from termites and a constant bombardment from the sun and various elements. Luckily, all the concrete foundation was perfect. He had painted a few coats on the top of the deck, but the wood underneath was uncoated and wouldn’t last any longer.

The Solution:
We wanted our client to enjoy his deck, so we acted fast. First, we replaced all regular wood framing with Pressure-Treated Timber. That took care of the problem of the rot and termites. Second, we built the rest of the deck with composite decking board. This is a durable product that has a 25-year fade-and-stain warranty. It’s also extremely low maintenance—a big request by our client. The third and final step was to add an electrical subpanel to bring greater efficiency throughout the whole deck. A major plus, especially considering we added a new Jacuzzi to the deck. He’ll now be enjoying his new deck for many endless San Diego summers.

The Results
It couldn’t have been better. We rebuilt deck was a great way to improve the value of our client’s home while providing a terrific outdoor location for his entertaining and year-round family fun. The low-maintenance, highly durable materials provide him the peace of mind his deck is protected against termites and rot, but it’s the great look of the finish makes his deck truly shine.